Pediatric healthcare providers focus on the optimal physical, mental, & social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents and young adults.

For your daily practice and pediatric research work, you need the best tools and technology to accurately assess and monitor a child’s growth and development.

Based on the proven, low-dosage and precise DXA technology, our portfolio of bone and metabolic health solutions offer you many tools for effective diagnosis and monitoring of bone and metabolic health of your patients. Many pediatricians use DXA technology to measure and analyze low bone mineral density, congenital anomalies, fractures, scoliosis and monitor pediatric weight management programs in infants and children.

Whether you are part of a hospital or a multispecialty practice, we have a range of products and clinical applications to help you in your diagnostic procedures.

Our Pediatric application helps you accurately assess and monitor children’s unique growth and development through analysis of height for age, BMC for bone area, bone area for height, lean body mass for height, and BMC for lean body mass. In addition, you can calculate the bone mineral density (BMD) of skeletal sites such as spine and femur. You can also analyze lean- and fat-tissue mass through total body measurement and perform total body less head (TBLH) measurement. Our tools provide you the ability to compare skeletal- and chronological-age measurements and BMD results against gender-specific pediatric reference populations.

Explore our DXA Bone and Metabolic health portfolio by learning more about our products and clinical applications.

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