Expand your clinical expertise with the latest magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) applications, to deliver improved image quality, higher efficiency and a more streamlined workflow.

SIGNA™Works’ portfolio of MRI applications:
  • Offers wing-to-wing workflow solutions to energize your clinical capabilities
  • Enables your imaging to excel to the next level, including neuro, body, cardiac and orthopedic MR imaging

Latest SIGNA™ MR software release

SIGNA™Works AIR™ Edition
Imagine a software package that can help you do more with less. AIR™ packs innovations that deliver versatility, productivity and consistent quality.
SIGNA™Works MR clinical excellence

Fueling the future of MR

SIGNA™Works is a fully customizable productivity platform, promoting clinical excellence through enhanced imaging accuracy and consistency as well as increasing patient satisfaction with silent, free-breathing, contrast-free and needle-free applications. Also, optimize your operational efficiency and throughput with reduced scan times.

SIGNA™Works innovative MR applications

Broaden your areas of expertise
SIGNA™Works standard and elective MR applications

The standard is now extraordinary

Energize your clinical capabilities with all the tools you need to complete an exam. Imaging solutions cover a variety of contrasts, 2D and 3D volumetric data and motion correction capabilities.

Neuro MR imaging applications applications

Body MR imaging applications

Orthopedic MR imaging applications

Cardiovascular MR imaging applications

SIGNA™Works: Designed to support precision health
Throughout the entire workflow, SIGNA™Works provides improved outcomes and results.

SIGNA™Works resources

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