Computed Tomography

Your need for quality patient care at low dose with greater productivity and affordability is more important than ever. That’s why we design CT systems that help you solve your biggest challenges.
Our family of innovative CT products let you match a system to your exact imaging needs — so you can focus on better patient care.

Revolution Family

RevolutionTM is a family of CT scanners that helps you redefine what's possible with CT. Each product in the Revolution family
is designed to deliver four key benefits:

  • Diagnostic confidence - innovative technologies help you acquire images that result in increased confidence
  • Patient care - ultra-low-dose from leading iterative reconstruction technologies that help you deliver great care
  • Financial performance - speed, simplicity and productivity from intelligent design help you improve your performance
  • Clinical excellence - cutting edge applications allow you to offer the fastest growing, most advanced procedures

Designed with your needs in mind, Revolution products are scalable to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

  • Optima

  • Radiation Therapy Planning

    Discovery RT

    Discovery RT is a comprehensive radiation therapy solution that allows you to see all that your CT can see.
  • Advanced Visualization

    Advantage 4D

    Efficient and accurate visualization and assessment of respiratory induced motion with fast 4D image reconstruction.
  • Smart Technologies

    Smart Technologies

    Better patient care, improved efficiency, expanded applications. Smart Technologies is a suite of intelligent CT tools designed to help you achieve these goals, delivering...

Care Areas

Neuro Imaging Vascular Imaging Cardiology Imaging
AW's neurology imaging software helps you make fast, accurate assessments and confidently manage long-term neurodegenerative diseases. AW's vascular imaging software offers radiologists reproducible, reliable, and non-invasive techniques that provide maximum clinical information. AW streamlines post-processing and
synergizes information from multiple modalities, offering outstanding cardiology solutions with a single user-interface.
Oncology Imaging Emergency Imaging Pediatrics Imaging
Computed tomography is a powerful and versatile imaging tool in the fight against cancer. See anatomy and pathology clearly. Plan for cancer treatment with optimized dose. GE's suite of proven, advanced diagnostic computed tomography solutions provides images to help you make critical decisions in Emergency Medicine. In CT imaging, you can't view children as small adults. They are more sensitive to radiation, and require CT solutions specifically for their growing bodies.

Dose Management


ASiR-V comes standard and focuses primarily on more advanced noise and object modeling with added physics modeling to help reduce noise, improve low-contrast detectability, and reduce artifacts.

  • Routinely image with up to 82% less dose1,2. Combining the speed of ASiR* with added capabilities from Veo* full model-based iterative reconstruction, the novel ASiR-V* iterative reconstruction algorithm brings low dose and improved quality to routine imaging.
  • Up to 100% better spatial resolution. ASiR-V has the capability to improve spatial resolution compared to FBP by allowing the reconstruction of higher-resolution images with no increase in image noise.
  • Up to 135% improved low-contrast detectability. ASiR-V improves the detectability of low-contrast objects by up to 135% when compared to corresponding FBP reconstructions at the same dose.
  • Up to 91% less image noise. Depending upon the scan technique and reconstruction parameters, ASiR-V can significantly reduce electronic image noise compared to FBP at the same dose.
  • Less streak artifact. ASiR-V has the capability to reduce low-signal artifact, such as streak artifact, compared to FBP.

Confident diagnosis with lower dose with ASiR*

  • Adaptive Statistical Iterative Reconstruction (ASiR)
  • May enable reduction in pixel noise standard deviation
  • May allow for reduced mA in the acquisition of diagnostic images, thereby reducing the dose required1
  • May enable an improvement in Low Contrast Detectability2
  • Further dose reduction in cardiac exams combining ASiR with SnapShot Pulse*

Imaging under 1mSv with profound clarity with Veo*

  • Model-based, iterative reconstruction product
  • Allows reduced mA or kVp in the acquisition of diagnostic images, thereby reducing the dose required1
  • May enable improvement in low contrast detectability and spatial resolution
  • Reduces low signal artifacts generated by dense anatomy or metal implants compared to FBP2
  • Veo is only available on Revolution HD

Dose reduction capabilities along the imaging chain with Optidose

  • Limit penumbra and helical over-scanning with Dynamic collimation (SmartTrack*)
  • 3D automatic dose modulation
  • ECG dose modulation
  • X-ray filtration for small to large patients

Alerts when a pre-determined dose level will be exceeded with Dose Check

  • A prompt alerts your operator to the situation
  • The operator can then either change the scan or override the notification
  • All overrides are documented, providing an audit trail for future analysis

Dose management with Dose Watch

  • Uses data acquired from imaging systems
  • Retrieves, tracks, reports, and monitors the radiation dose delivered to patients during an examination
  • Presents data in an organized manner
  • Multi-modality and multi-manufacturer
  • It can be adopted in any imaging program

Advanced Visualization

Powered by AW

The clinical environment has changed. Your referring physicians need quick, detailed understanding of pathologies to deliver effective patient therapy. They expect faster, more advanced views of abnormal conditions across the entire range of care areas. With AW, you're able to deliver what they need.

  • AW Workstation delivers the next generation of 2D, 3D and 4D visualization software on one of the world's most widely used 3D visualization and analysis solutions. By streamlining post-processing and synergizing imaging techniques, it answers productivity needs across CT, MRI, PET, SPECT, and Interventional through a broad portfolio of robust, easy-to-use clinical applications.
  • AW Server provides all the benefits of AW Workstation in a scalable solution with remote viewing capabilities, the ability to cost-effectively add users, and full integration with your RIS/PACS environment. Now you can remotely review and share images in real time, enabling close collaboration with internal clinicians, stronger referring physician partnerships, more confident diagnoses, and better patient care.
  • AW Applications - Advances in treatment delivery techniques drive a need for continually increasing precision and accuracy. AW's advanced applications support this need, with cutting-edge tools that let you visualize and manage multi-modality data sets, and processes designed to streamline your workflow.

Learn more about Advanced Visualization.


[A] Obtained by EUR 16262EN, using an abdomen factor of 0.015* DLP and a pelvis factor of 0.019* DLP.
[B] Obtained by EUR-16262 EN, using a chest factor of 0.017*DLP.
[C] Obtained by ICRP 10 year old Head factor of 0.0032*DLP using a 16 cm phantom. Reference: Annals of the ICRP, Volume 37, Issue 1, March 2007
[D] Obtained by EUR-16262 EN, using an adult chest factor of 0.017*DLP
[E] Obtained by EUR 16262EN, using an abdomen factor of 0.015* DLP and a pelvis factor of 0.019* DLP
[F] Obtained by EUR-16262 EN, using an head factor of 0.023*DLP
1.In clinical practice, the use of ASiR and Veo may reduce CT patient dose depending on the clinical task, patient size, anatomical location and clinical practice.
A consultation with a radiologist and a physicist should be made to determine the appropriate dose to obtain diagnostic image quality for the particular clinical task.
2.In clinical practice, the actual level of LCD and spatial resolution and low signal artifact improvement may vary. Consult with a radiologist and a physicist.