Composer Reporting

Flexible and Versatile Reporting. Impactful Communication of DXA Results with your Patients.

Reporting is one of the most important steps in the entire DXA scan process. An insightful and clearly structured report can help a clinician perform quick diagnosis as well as better communicate the results to the patients.

The Composer reporting feature contains many default report formats to choose from. The report contains physician-generated assessments and recommendations based on data from the DXA scan and the patient’s demographics, which can assist the physician in communicating scan results to the patient and the patient’s referring physician.
Physicians can also define custom rules to trigger the use of specific report formats based on the type of scan performed. For example, all bone density scan can be configured to use certain types of reports whereas all body composition scans can be configured to use different report formats. Physicians can also choose different reports based on the name of the referring physicians.

Physicians can create their own report formats as well. Our Report Center functionality allows you to customize an existing report or build a completely new report from scratch, adding the logo of your company or specific images of interest.

Explore some of our sample Composer Reports: 


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